The Reason Why Human Beings Exist No.123~135


The Reason Why Human being Exist (Merits and Demerits of

Gravity 1)

Gravity is a base and a ruler of all the universe. By the energy, he earth is

born and the organism on earth is created. l read some book, “The three

principle is the normative, the opposability and thecentripetalism.”l think

it is true ! lt has a lot of innuence not only on universal structure but also

on our organism spiritual structure.

For example, all subjects and organism on the ground are supported by the

centripetal force. A heavenly body is formed of this power, and is noating on

the universal space. 0ur organism applies to them, and lives by having the

mind of asking for parents and children. We can not grow and be died

without them.

The mind that parents give milk, food,teach how to live and protect to

growing for children is input centripetalism of gravity from the beginning.

Many kinds of love and feeling are generated from is also the

function of attracting and be attracted another.According to them, we are

charmed with opposite sex, 1eave descendant and acting relay of life.

l think fraternal and parental love is the same kind. Feeling of sad and

hard are mixed with the thing derived from opposability, jealousy and

persistence will be born. They strike root and indwell in our humanbeing.

And they disturb development of spirit start for inside and not spread out


We are interested in familiar thing living ourselves, but are not interested

in another town, country and the whole earth. We are inputted from the

gravity stage. lt is formed that even an environment around us is good,

another is not so good.

To break down and to be able to get over this wall, it is only education after

all. The education become the key conducting to the peace. Moreover,it is

related to save oneself if we awake that humanbeing and animal have the

same mind by gravity. l think it is just that gravity is xistence god.



The Reason Why Human being Exist(Merits and Demerits of

Gravity 2)

The life isreally mysterious. The earth is full of mystery.

Parents made this mysterious thing wascalled by various names.

ln this place, l say heaven and earthcreative owner temporally.

Thecreative owner is one’s real parent of a1Hife objects. lt is also

our human being’s real parent. And it is much more sagacity than


But they aren’t perfbct and become aware not being perfect

themselves. There were many blank initiating many life and

structure,we weren’t aware, mistook calculation and couldn’t

think of deriving feeling from centripetalism.

lt is to find out human beings that they overlook and miss.

They know because of too wise. There are certainly error and

missing in many creation. We human beings must nll in the

blanks,divide the outgrowth must thenudeus that

process we find out and how to solve.

The education until today is only existing explanation. For

example,how to grow a plant, how far is it from sun to earth and

the way to calculate in front of us. There is no thing to point out

the missed thing in any creativesubject.χVithout true education,

wepursuer only to conjecture loss and gain with given wisdom

and greed. More we will destroy ourselves on incomplete

state.The reason why human being exist is that we complete the

incomplete thing in creation.



The Reason Why Human being Exist(Merits and Demerits of

Gravity 3)

I repeat the reason why human being exist is to make u p for the

imperfect on this earth. What is the imperfect? To live,we must sacrifice

another creature that have the same feelings,and sad feelings are ignored in

pain,suffering and sadness created there.

For example, can we think the sad feelings of parent deer that her colt is

caught and eaten by the lion before her eyes? l think the creative owner who

doesn’t have the body couldn’t expect the working of creature that have them

and feelings. But the predict that there are many phenomenon can’t be

expected and trust human beings with regulation facing the phenomenon.

For that human beings are given wisdom and greed. 0nly wisdom, we can’t

be cleaned to achieve our session,we are given greed collectively to develop

and grow and to be lofty.

This greed is the duty that we think and investigate usually with wisdom.

That is to say, it is the greed to know and understand more higher and

wider.The most important thing is that there are two way and two purpose to

a pair of wisdom and greed.

0ne is the way to ask for the selfcontentment from an individual to a

country grade. Another is we must know the creation of heaven and earth

and the reason why human being exist and accomplish the mission. The

mission is concretely to regulate the administration of an creation. 0n the

ground  like ours,created living things that are based on the three

principles exit innumerable.

The span of human life is about fifty hundred million left;. We will share

this only ground and live to the span of earth with administration, regulation

and protection of the environment. Now,we have the misfortune to choose

the former way and walk to se1Fdestruction. Unlimited destruction and to

the action to repeatnlassacretoanother living things from centripetalism

cannot stop.



The Reason Why Human Being Exist(M:erits and Demerits of

Gravity 4)

lf we want to know the creator, we must know ourselves. He created

human beings applying himself. But the different point between he and

human being is his much more sagacity. l think only a part of his lower

ability is common point with human being. Then why didn’t he create them

sagacious in the same way with him? Because he couldn’t create.

0ne is the problem of the size to create the brain with same ability that we

can create all things. lf we don’t have the body , there is no restriction of

capacity,but human being has a body. lf we need the huge brain, we need

the huge body, and we will not be able to move abstructed with gravity.

Perhaps he want to give the brain working wisdom infinitely, but the size of

the brain that now we have is a boundary.

And to provide and move the fhculty keeping the whole, perception,

antenna,smen,taste vision, hearing sense, most of the brain space is

occupied,we can’t be only active available, to sagacious working in the

present condition of brain. The another reason is if we are more sagacious,

the object of fear have clear outlines, terror will become larger and we will go

to ruin ourselves.

After alljf we aren’t sagacious terror is to thin. The reason that a young

man is reckless, he isn’t sagacious for feeling real of danger. The reason why

cats and dogs cross the road where there is much trafflc is the object of terror

ls vagueness.

Animals speciany don’t have ability of investigation, an analysis and

evasion to the object of terror. lt is to consist and maintain a food sycle. So,it

is the situation that predated person is found here and there near predator.

They are sharply with nve senses and developing the capacity fbr locomotion,

then they can always put the distance with predator. But they don’t do so,

sometimes both of them keep the strain and lie sprawled nearby. But it is the

same that human beings and animals think their children. lt is the same

their tear of lacing up to the death before their eyes.



The Reason Why Human Being Exist(Merits and Demerits of

Gravity 5)


The Beijing 01ympic Games is opening. To emulate the sports is called

nghting,with onese1f. But thinking in the last analysis, it is a battle with

onese1f But thinking in the last analysis, it is a battle with gravity before a

body and a mind. For example, pole jump is to challenge that he can jump

higher to the gravity. Most of the game is how to operate the body with

opposing to the gravity.

That is, it is a chanenge and opposition to the gravity. And the spirit that

he wants to get much more gold medals and to put up a nag of his own

country,is to the centripetalism to the nation and the family. For that, he

must practice hardly, digest the training menu reguraly and learning to the

body.An action to exhibit the skill momentary is by the normative nature.

At the same time, as for a war, fighting with an enemy is opposition. The

reason of fighting is the centripetalism to protect the country and family,

and the action of the troops is based on the normative nature. ln this way,

fromaround the body to the every nook andcornerto the grounds, the three

principles of gravity extend and operate. All things in nature is connected to

this three principles.

You can understand that this earth and we which is based on the gravity

were created. Repeating the same thing, l think this ground made by the

gravity low are an mistaken. So,now,the groundcannot be helped with

education,government,learning,and philosophy. Not only that, it is the

present condition that we are losting the compass and noating.

From where human beings come and to where go? Now, there is no answer.

lt is the “reason why human being exists” that show the start line and

explain the facing direction clearly.“Something is different.This is

dinbrent.” lt is no more than existing in the imperfect world with no

education and government based on universal ideology.

The center of world government and education must be relativity in one axis.



The Reason Why Human being Exist (Merits and Demerits of

Gravity 6)

I’m going to give famihar examples simply and explain that the three

principles of gravity is linked with all things deeply. l compare with the

three principles of gravity, “like” is centripetarism,“dislike” is emulation and

the action that is controlled “1ike and dislike” by the reason is normative


ln another words minutely, mind motion to love someone desire partner’s

mind , bring to own mind and want to shut in that. 0n the other hand, to

desire someone is action of opposite mind. lt is the function of mind that we

want to avoid the discomfrt feeling,want to become more distant from

danger and want to keep away a person from the awkward things.

But there are troubled that we judge and act with only like and dislike. As

a member of society, he is unripe, and disqualified,for group action. For that

it is necessary for control the feelings that is liking and disliking by the

reason. That is the very thing to the normative society.

Another example is about the life 1inks. Both human beings and other

organism court to other sex and to maintain that opposition spurn others

from their door. Then normative nature that they born body and leave


When they have a child, a form of the three principles is changed a little.

Parents love their body, give milk and foods,protect from a foreign enemy

and it is the centripetalism that children wish for their parents. lt is the

opposability that parents protect their children from a foreign enemy and

children want to give parent’s love from another. lt is the normative that

parents work regularly to maintain their life,and children are taught the

regular life from parents. ln animars casejt is the normative nature to obey

nature rule.

ln anima1’s case, they are more regular than human beings, they wake up

with sunrise, search f1)r fbods and protect the rule. lf they can’t do that, they

must only die. 0rganism other than human beings nve faithfully to the three

principles and be well-ballanced. But now, human beings other than animals

are lnCreaSlng.



The Reason Why Human Being Exist (Merits and Demerits of

Gravity 7)

l have explained that there are three things how to live of human beings. That is only

breathing, only hving and valuable living. l think they are very intelligible to apply to

the three principles of gravity.

Neat and parasite or a person who is idle to job or life belongs to only breathing. Thelr

society is in the house and lacks correspondence and standard ability for the outside

society.They rely on the centripetalism for the parents and cling. So,they attack their

parents want to establish themselves.They think that reliable hne of centripetalism is

cut and don’t understand that parents protect them. That is true that balance of the

three principles crumbled.

ln that case, a person only living is in the state of keeping the three balances normaly.

They work earnestly, give generaUy education fk)r the children, obey the law and called

dUigence from the neighbor. ln this condition, they become the same revel with the wild

animal at last. After all, it is the level that they nve desperately with the given abihties.

Even plants are in the same.

From the centripetalism for the gravity, they rooted in the ground and extend to the

upside from the opposition to win the gravity in the same time as thecentripetalism for

thesun.Relying to the four seasons, they live with obeying the norm certainly.

Essentiany,the creation made by gravity is a boundary to here.But we human beings

must the existenceof valuable livingexceed them. They are the human beings and the

existence for that. lt may be a bold opinion, it is only human beings that can discover

the mistake of this ground and stop them. Also,it is only human beings that can

regulate this ground with be well-balanced. From the long histories, we are used to the

brutality of a food cycle and think it is proper. Weare rub in that it is natural and to


But in the group of gnus in Africa, children watch mother’s tragedy that is attacked

from carnivore animals before their eyes. Their bottomless sorrow and fear. From the

natureof guns that they don’t take care of another chUdren, wecanimagine the

miserable end of children easily. Can we be praised these occurrences?



The Reason Why Human Being Exist (Merits and Demerits of

GraVity 8)

Xve human beings are very insensible to cruel actuality. Even sad

occurrence happen, we don’t recognize that is pressed hard really. So,we

perform everyday life calmly even know the war and cruel event on this

earth with knitted brows.

We can feel only no actua1 feeling only passing in front of eyes “1ike a nre if

the other side” or “one seen of TV’ or “a landscape of a car window.”They are

made like that. As organisms were born from the gravity that have no body,

they can’t help understanding the feelings of a pain and a sorrow who have

the body. They are kept away from the things other than terrors and pains

under nearness.

l don’t know what things are coming to if we have the ability that can feel

the pressing the phenonlenonthat can watch a great distance hard.

All organisms replace gnawings of other organism with their own body,

and a food cycle isn’t formed. Because they have cognition and actual feeling

that they kill another them and eat. Human beings will similarly hesitate

that they live with eating cen of other organism.

Not to do so, at the time that ground system was constructed, sympathy

and uni丘cation of mutual organism were excluded and made a great blank. lf

lve seeall organism as one thing, food cycle is like hving with eating own

hands and foot. Someone die in the war of for foreign country is the same

that one part of our body is lost.

ln this idea, there is the why human beings exist that we discover and

understand clearly. lt is impossible expect human beings mental capacity

to think here and reach. lfwe practice the education based on this idea in the

world,there are no Holocaust and no argument. Even we can understand

how to live of sad animals.

We need to do the trainings of mind to do that. Even we shout “Have the

sympathy to others” or “Take good care of others”, we cannot change the real




The Reason Why Human Beings Exist(Merits and Demerits of

Gravity 9)

Sometimes l am watching the human society with identifying myself with

a roadside tree and being the mood of the tree.

l have become the tree, make hard at my feet and fee1. stress with waste gas.

Then l want to go back the forest that l have ever been originally in the

smell of dear ground.

Also,l identify myself with a animal and watch the human society through

my eyes.

Then l discover the pet that is raised carefully with the eyes of human

beings is swung around, decided on the contents and frequency of foods in

the narrow space in the house, angered with teaching manner, sometimes

riglected,sometimes doted upon and felt the great stress.

So,l sometimes watch the human action in the devil when l see them

through the eyes of stray cats and wild animals. ln this way, it isn’t easy to

watch them identifying ourselves with the very thing. Even with the

intention of identifying ourselves, we can’t abandon the ego tism with

changing the visual points and being nutritious the objectivity.

l sometimes hear “Watch as a standpoint of another.”But l think there is

almost no person that can watch like that. Because theycannot become to do

  1. Then what can l do? Xve need the training to become completely and we

will be dun if we don’t always endeavor even being nutritious once. l hear

that Hakushu Kitahara were thinking two and half years with giving food to

a sparrow every day. 0ne day, he thought “l am quite the same with a

sparrow.” XVe need the training of speculation longer and deeper like that.

ln the human beings properly and are always possessed only to our sense

of value to human beings. After all, we are a soul ob egoism. To become all

things and discern from many angles and practice the training the objectily

in education carrying on our person. lt is related to the solution of several


And exhibiting the abihty is just related to the reason of human beings




The Reason Why Human Beings Exist (Merit8 and Demerits of

Gravity 10)

The world of human beings, animals,plants,sea and mountain.

To colled all worlds is one world and it is the very thing of

ourselves. And there is another world. They are the world of our

precious earth and planets of their fellows and brothers.

The relation of planets is strict and make the most of the strong

three principles each other. ln the application of the last time,

watching theearth from other planets, human beings, animals,

and plants wriggle on the ground aren’t the subject, the very

thing of earth and spirit of rocks are the subject and fellows.

Xvatching the side of planets, the most important thing is not

human beings, animals,and plants with life, but the rocks

f1)rming elements and the crust as the ultimate element forming

the rocks of all nature.

At the side of our human beings thinking, it is the most

important of li:fe,it is surprising. But at the side of planets, it is

proper that elements and rocks inourbody are more important.

“Xvhy can’t we human beings and animals live without eating

another living cells? XVhy couldn’t we live with eating sand, soil

and rocks? Then sad and pain will be decreasing”

Thinking over, l found my way to the terriblecondusion.The

rock,soil and sand cannot be created newly and nnite. 0ver

against that, body of organism can be created innnitely if there

are even male and female(in the way of dissolution rarely),each

organism don’t born asthe same only once. But catching the all

0rganisms as one thing, there are convenient consume:r goods

increasing freely and innnitely.

ln addition to that, the valuable thing f1)r us is non’valuable

thing in the world of planets gravity And there is a construction

that valuable thing for them is not valuable for us. l think if l

think,it is too terrible. Don’t you think?



The Reason Why Human Beings Exists (Merits and Demerits of

GraVity 11)

l made a picture simply about the relation of the three principles of gravity

and normal character formation. The same three triangles in the equilateral

triangle show each three principles of gravity, These three make A picture

when there are no broken conditions. lt is the condition that the three

principles work well balanced to live. Wild animals belong to this.

A person who says the meat eating animals are atrocious. l think he is

insufficiency of study. Although they protect their territories franticany, they

only exhibit the “opposition” because the human being8 enter and infrigle.

And the human beings working well, keeping the time and rule, devoted to

their parents and children belong to the kind ofA.

The principle of B shows that centripetalism is lacking and norm,

opposition is remarkably scanty. The present parasite and neat belong to this.

0nly centripetahsm depend on parents become enlarge and they don’t have

sympathy to their parents. There aren’t any norm to protect ability, time and

rule to correspond the society. Compare with A, the picture B trans丘gure

very much. After all, character is prejudiced.

The picture C is different from picture B in transf1)rmation.This shows the

extreme character of violence. 0nly error opposition to oppress another by

the violence enlarge, Even they have the centripetalism in crowding with a

party,important sympathy and sincerity become blank.Then even

proteding the error rule in a party, social morality is on the state of

disregard.So,norm transngure very much. ln this way, according to the

three principles, l can illustrste the image of human beings simply.

Forexalnple,“That man is serious but hasn’t sympathy.” The part of

centripetalism is greatly lacking. Then it is the perfect form A? lt isn’t so. A

is only proper character. So, D is the image of human beings is to the target

added the cirde in the lower part. This cirde show understanding “the

reason why human beings exists?” An individual and the nation must aim at




The Reason Why Human Beings Exi8t (Merits and Demerits of

Gravity 12)

The three principles of gravity is the base of all, 0bjects of

universe and rulers. lt affect over not only structure of universe

but also mental structure of human beings and organism on the

earth and is applied to the character in the food cycle and living.

Then l want to express the ability of human beings replacing

the three principles with the equilateral triangle. l mentioned

that example in the last time, it was a special thing.

The picture l is divided into three equal parts in one triangle

and the shape isn’t bended. That is the lowest standard on the

hving of an individua1. So, the character formation for children by

the compulsory education and family must be three equal parts in

one triangle at the graduation ofjunior high schoo1.

The picture 2 is industrious and serious bur hecan’t keep the

personal relationship.

The picture 3 , he has the corresponded ability and be promptly,

but he is late for the company and waiting. He can’t behave


The educational argument included the much complicated

things doesn’t need. First, we must complete the base as the

nving power. How perfect person who can keep the three equal

parts in one triangle with no bended in containing an adults?

I think it is supplied only a half.



The Reason Why Human Beings Exist(Merits and Demerits of

Gravity 13)

l have explained in detai1.

But if the basis become dim, there is no mean, l want to make up

once more.

All the things on the earth included organism is created the will

0f gravity, and applied to the three principles. lnside them, we

organism brought the “spirit” “feeling” derived from

centripetalism,but we have’t attained full grouth yet.

Checking up with the three principles, we must work filling up

the blank of lacking in our own spirit structure. About this

working,we need various special fields. For example, a physicist

and a sprit scholar work together. This process is moved in the

world educational scene, and this education must be same

contents in the earth scope.

For that they must be the unchangeable truth completed any

more. The education accomplished in the world until now become

diffbrent if country and area become different. After all, they were

exhausted to the selfish way of thinking in the individual

principle and the national principle.

Now,with the narrow way of thinking, we only threaten the

hving of organism. Human beings in alloverthe world must hold

the truth with basing of spirit. That is the development of spirit in

the earth scope.

Looking at the side of “grarity” we arganisms are the worth!ess

existence. We think the rock that makes us is more valuable. To

save all arganisms from destruction, human beings mustcarry

out the obligation as the only sensible men in the organisms On

the grounds.

That is, with coexisting with other organisms, we must find out

how to live and lose no time in practicing on the ground “rock”.

Can’t we hold out our hands to the children organisms that are

relied on human beings, make the guide post and lead to the and

of earth? That is the reason why human beings exist.

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また、 これまでの教育者たちは何をしてきたのか? そこには深い考えを模索した痕跡がなく、全く無能である。物事や現象が錯綜(さくそう)し、何が正しく何が間違いかをより分ける能力を持たない国民と政治。とんでもない日本になってしまったものである。







The direct appeal to Mr.Hashimoto Governer ⑬

I want you to begin the education that children can judge the right of good. Adults don’t judge and practice the true rights. Of course, children don’t understand them. Those children will repeat the same things when they become adults. The behavior and action of now politicians are farce drama and they don’t have obligations completely.

More, what have teachers done from now? There are no traces seeked deep ideas and incompetent. Matters and phenomenons are complicated. Nations and politics don’t have abilities that they sort what is right or what is wrong. The Japan is terrible.

There are heaping mistakes that we can’t see. The society that a sensible person is received the offence. For example, a person asked moneys watery. When he is demanded the refund after 5 years leaving, he changes his attitude saying “ A person lend him is wrong” And Mr.E doctor reacts sensitively to the chemical spice and perfume. He was thought of odd person by the surrounding. But the true odd person is like ours. We adapt ourselves to the artificial things and don’t react anything.

As same as my pets can’t get chemical things. Only our bodys accept chemical foods forcibly. We must search foods approaching to the nature. But the present is that we mix many additives like posisons and search the delicious things. So, at the manhood,various sickness appear.

Against, the body of Doctor.E is trying his best to keep the nature. Human beings don’t stop the outrageous envirowmental pollution and occur the natural destriction. Animals can’t seek foods in the nature. Then they haunt in the urban district with seeking foods. Human beings kill them like appearing the devil. In spite that mistake is in human beings, our country don’t understand these easy affarrs.

They can only depend on the natural blessings. Human beings disappeare the nature one after another. Becoming extinct other living things is the same as our own extinctions. The world population is becoming 90hundred million. Then the nation apperls the cledining birth rate and they want women to bear children. It is the narrow view policy. We are on the ship as the earth. The age of  rivalry of local barons have been over at past.

The world will fall before we increase children and get the resource. The competitor that the education face each other isn’t the next country or the Middle East. The gravity as creator. If we don’t face up to them, the way of education that only human beings have contral don’t open and the world will fall with moving about in confusion.

Reapeating again, If we eaecute the education abuting this way, all problem on the ground will solve. I want Nr.Hasimoto governor to apologize the insult that I said in the series. At the same time, I want you to revolutionize the education from my heart.


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The reason why human beings exit

We been born in three dimensions are chasing “the money” printed in two dimensions around all over the world. To that, we don’t stop to ignore the physical pain of living things and function of mind. Until now, spiritualism and materialism are asked and searched in “the material spirits”. There is no answer. The reason is that we are searching only in human being. So, they are leaving as it is no answer. The superior thing must he “biological spiritualism”.

Last night, a big restaurant in Tokyo was just full. Many people was eating several meat dish. One was eating with email and one was eating with quarreling. Suddenly, I floated the cruel scene in my head. I know that many living animals are put in the cage at the first basement and killsd. Then they are screaming here and there. They are carried to the first floor, killed and become meats. And they are carried to the restaurant of the second floor. There, many people are eating the meats freely and actively.

There are no persons to sympathize existence of animals with crying the sorrow at the basement. Only differing the place, there are same conditions in all over the world everyday. In the return Shinkansen, a TV personality was wearing cloth with fur collar. The fur was teared with living animals. He was crazy to the game. His neck was heated with animals teared skins that they cried with blood tears with living.

It is “the material spirits “that we don’t feel anything about these things. Also, when we tuch the animal, our clothes give off the static electricity. Then the animal surprises, thinks attacked and he often bites. Most human beings think that they are bited even they do nothing. And some kill the animal. Animals don’t have the wisdom of static electricity and we must understand them.

Each members of all over the world must face up to “the material spirits” of their own and practice the education that new “material spirits” establish into the self immediately. We will be argued that “If we say that we can’t live without eating meats”. That’s right. Falling oneself is the best answer. But we must live after being born. It is “the reason why human beings exist” that we think this loophole, solve and live.

In the universe, zero is a total. It is a notion of total zero that circulation and we are born again to many living things. We must become secure human beings even we are born to any living things.

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「生物精神」を完成させようとすることは、責務と使命を追い求めることに尽きる。そのためには、人間以外の動物の心と目をとおして全てを見ることで ある。真理に対する責務があれば、環境破壊などしない。その教育を世界中が実践するべきであるが、いまだ見たことがない。ということは、真に善人が存在し ないのである。

世の中が便利になるにつれ、「物質精神」すら希薄になり大人が子どもを殺すまでに至った。原始人にも劣る浅薄さだ。原因の一つに、個人の権利ば かり求め社会制度が個人へ過保護となり求心性が弱くなったことが挙げられる。更に、思いやる心も低下している。それに比べて、動物の世界は求心性が強く心 が豊かである。

以前の報道に、イルカの子供が死んだ親イルカを、群れから離れないように何十キロも胸で押し泳いでいたというのがあった。また 両後ろ脚の骨が砕けたライオンの子供を、母ライオンが口でくわえ抱こうとするができず、移動する群れから離れゆく子ライオンを振り返りながら歩く。距離が 次第に遠くなり、見えなくなった母の姿を追う子ライオン引きずる脚跡の2本の線が、大地に痛々しく残っていたというのもあった。


川の土手から1.5メートル下の幅10センチのコンクリートへ、親ネコが飛び降りエサのような小さな物をくわえ、また飛び上がり子猫に与えてい る。脚を滑らせたらはい上がれない。母ネコは、繰り返し飛び降りてはエサを子猫に運び、自分はそこに残る匂いだけを舌で舐め我慢している。

また、ある時、両後ろ足を車にひかれたネコが、やっとの思いで道路脇の草の茂みに身を隠した。が、カラスに追われ、前足だけで逃げたが後部を食 い千切られ、翌日には下腹部から後は殆ど骨だけとなり、それでも這い逃げる最中に見付けた。服で覆い、抱き上げて病院へと運んだが、ウジが下腹部に入り込 み治療が不可能との事。せめて安楽死を求め依頼した。

「人間を許して」とバスタオルで包み込んで、その死体を抱いてやった。「君も私も、人生はたった一度限りなのに」と。動物と真摯(しんし)に対 峙(たいじ)し、地球を1つと考えられる人間は、絶対に核を使ったり自然破壊をしたりはしない。宇宙の唯一の仲間である他の生物が生きられないということ が、自分の身に置き換えて理解できるからである。

The direct appeal to Mr.Hashimoto governor

To complete the “governor life spiit” is running out of chasing the duty and mission. To that we must watch all things showing mind and eyes of animals except for human beings. If we have duty to the truth, environmental destruction will not be done. We in all over the world must practice the education but I have never seen. That is to say, there is truly no good person.

As the world become convenient, only “material spirit” is thin and adults kill their children. There is silly inferior than primitive people. One of the cause, we ask only the right of individual, social system overprotect to individual and centripetalism became weak. Moreover, the feeling mind declined. Compare with that animal world is strong the centripetalism and their mind is rich.

In the pervious news, I saw a child dolphin was swimming several kilometers with pushing his died mother. Also a mother lion can’t hold her child broken bones of both hind legs and she walks with looking back her child parted with her group. The distance was becoming far gradually and two lines of footprint of child that he followed mother’s figure were left on the ground painfully.

After that he must be killed by other animals. Then, if human beings didn’t destray the nature, groups of lion didn’t have to move. I feel painful. There is the same drama beside that we are romping with watching soccer or baseball.

A parent cat jumps down from the river bank to the concrete in width 10 centimeters under 1.5 meters and she holds a little thing like bite, then she jumps again to give them to her children. If she slide her leg, she can’t crawl up. A mother cat jumps down again and again and she brings bites to her children. She endures licking only the smell.

Also, one day a cat attracted his both hind legs by the car, hided his body in the bush of grass by the road barely. But he was hunted by a crow, ran away with only foreleg, bited off the back, became only bone in belly and even there, he creeped and ran away. I found him, covered with clothes and carried to the hospital. But maggots barge into his belly and he cannot be treated. At least I asked euthanasia.

I said “ Please allow the human beings” , folded with a bath towel and holded the body. “ You and I have only one life” Human beings who face up to animals and think the earth as one don’t use nudeus and don’t destroy the nature absolutely. We can understand displacing in ourselves that other living things that is only friends in the space can’t live.

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(2)動物も人間と同じように感情や心の痛みを共有する、と実感する。常に優しく撫で触り心で対話を繰り返す作業をしなければ、実感できるよう にはならない。与えた分だけ確実に愛情が返ってくることを知り、深い愛情を所有していると感じ取ることができる。そのうちに自分と全く同じで自分自身でも ある、と体得する。



頬をくっつけ「君は犬で私はなぜ人間か?反対でも決しておかしくは無い。私が人間である理由などどこにもないし、その資格がある訳でもない。ま た君が犬である理由もない」など心で語ることだ。回を重ねる毎に段々深く伝わってくる。そして地上は自己と一体で、生物は全て自分と一緒に息吹きしている と感じ取るだろう。人類は言語を使い始めて深い心を失い始めたと識るべきである。



The way from “material spirits” to “organism spirits” The word is simple but it is quite difficult way.

(1) We must do perfect the operation of mind that other children are same as our own children. Then what happen? I have already said in this series. The many feeling that we have never had in our mind will begin to derive. And naturally they will switch to the next step.

(2) We will realize that animals share feelings and pains of heart like human beings. We will not be able to realize if we don’t work with patting gently and repeting dialogue. We know that love will certainly return with giving them and can feel having deep love. Soon we will master that they are quite same with our own.

Then the world ill threaten at a stretch in front of our eyes. We can comprehend and master that human beings and animals beyond the sea are our own. Hakushu Kitahara had been observing the sparrow for two years in his porch of the garden. Atter that , he could master “A sparrow and I are same”.

Rincarn said that “ I support the right of animals as same as the right of human beings. That is the way that human beings essentially must get.” They don’t say that they like animals. They say that animals are their own. It isn’t the dialogues that they put ropes to their dogs and walking.

We must stick our cheek and talk with mind “ Why are you a dog and am I a human being?” It isn’t never strange even reverse. The reason that I am a human being is not any and the qualification is not any. And the reason that you are a dog is not any.” We can spread deeply per time. Then we will read that all living things are breathing with ours. We must learn that human beings begin to use language and lose deep mind.

Soon, we will notice that the competitor is a sad existence. Inspite of rich feelings, they don’t have wisdom, they are mocked by human beings having thin feelings and treated as a matter. We must understand that there are many things with wisdoms and master that we have to see the position.

When we lead here, our mind become clear and see all things, phenomenon personality, human nature to human beings clearly. It is very mysterious. I say again and again. It is impossible that we escape from “material spirit” even referring human beings.

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例えば、猫や犬の本能である「物質精神」は昔も今も変わらない。しかし、人間には知恵がある。知恵を以て「生物精神」へ移行しなければならな い。その為には命ある動物を教科書としなければ、私達の心を豊かに育むことは不可能である。私達や動物が持つ心「物質精神」は、自分から1センチメートル 以内で接した相手に最も感情を深く持つ。

母親が、お腹に赤ちゃんを宿し母乳で育てることは、この距離である。そして代替えが出来ない役割である。深い愛情を持つのは当然である。また、 相手に対する関心や敵への危険度認識の距離は約50メートル程度である。人間の場合、兄弟や友人などは、この距離の範囲となる。草食動物の場合、50メー トル以上向こう側に肉食動物が居ても、さほど危険とは思わない。

つまり、50メートル以上向こう側、あるいは見えない所にいる人間や動物を、観念では人間や動物と分かっていながら意識の中で半分以上物質扱い にしている。このように、私達や動物は意識の距離感を「物質精神として」インプットされている。これらの具体的な距離の数値は、地球と大気圏、地球と月の 関係から考えた。

この、与えられた閉鎖的な「物質精神」は、ただ生存するだけの基礎である。意識や感情を世界の隅々まで行き届かせる「生物精神」をおのおのが、 自己の中に植え付けてゆかねばならない。そうすることで意識の中で物質扱いにしてきた生物や物事を、リアルに身近なものとして感じることができる。




raining of the “life spirits” The direct appeal to Mr.Hashimoto governor

Living things must have the textbook of living things. If they don’t do so, the result will be irrevocable.

From the history until mow, human beings have committed much more mistakes. That is because we leave selves with only “material spirits” that we always been had from “gravity”. They are clear of refering other animals.

For example, “material spirits” that is instinct of cats and dogs isn’t change now and past. But human beings have wisdom. With having wisdom, we must switch to “life spirits” To that if we don’t have the textbook of animals, it is impossible to cultivate our mind with rich. The mind of “material spirits” that we and animals have is emotional the deepest to the competitor exposing within one centimeter from ours.

There is this distance that mother get pregnant her baby and bring up mother’s milk. And this is the part that can’t be standby. It is rightly that we have deep love. Also the interest to competitor and the distance of dangerous knowledge to the enemy is about 50 meter degree. About human beings, brothers and friends is in this distance range. In the case of herbivores, they don’t feel danger so much even they are predatory animals beyond 50 meters.

That is to say, about human beings and animals existing beyond 50 meters or no seeing, we know that they are human beings and animals in the concept but we deal with substance more than half in our sense. In this way, we and animals are input the sense of distance “as the material spirits.” These numerical value of concrete distance, we thought from the relation between earth and inner space, earth and moon.

This given and closed “material spirits” is the foundation only existence. Each must root “living things spirits” reach sense and feeling to all over the world in themselves. Then they can feel the living things and matters as real and familiar that they have dealed with matters in the sense.

And the breath of human beings and animals in all over the world become unifying. Then the pain of other’s mind become unifying with selves. We become thinking the world as our own things. As a result that human beings in all over the world comprehended of devotedly body in ground and self, all dispute and every problem will be solved.

First in here, we can understand that “other is self and self is competitor ‘other or animal’” stated in this serialization. To guide the t is the teacher and the scene is compulsory education.

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創造者、重力は私達を含む哺乳(ほにゅう)類を物質として創った。感情や感傷などは無視してである。無視しなければ、残忍な食物連鎖のシステムは創 れない。重力には肉体がないから、その痛みが感じ取れないのかもしれない。親子関係の情や交尾などの行為は、物質としての存続を果たす為のものである。地 上における全種類の生物が、いかに増えず減らず生命の営みを繰り返すか。


ここでは、破損・故障したモノ(私達の言葉で言えば傷ついたりケガしたモノ)は正常なモノに吸収され(喰われ)無存在となる。動物として持って いる「悲しい・苦しい・痛い・辛い・寂しい」などの形容詞で表される部分は、創造者からインプットされたものを少し派生させた心の作用にしか過ぎない。こ こまでが重力・質量に支配された構図である。


私達は他のものを物質として見るようにインプットされている。それを心で跳ね返さなければならない。何度も言うがここから精神を培い育む行為を 教育に組み込まなければならない。私達は三次元に位置し、二次元(紙媒体)から知識を得て三次元をいかに生きるかとこれまで考えてきた。物質によって創ら れたから物質ばかり追いかけ精神の開発が全く進んでいない。

学ぶ対象は二次元でも三次元でもなく、生命あるものは生命あるものを教科書としなければならない。人間を透して人間を観るのでは誤る。人なら ば、道端に横たわる赤ん坊に成りきり、どんな人間に拾いあげてもらいたいか自問すればわかる。また、動物に成りきり、その目で人間を観ることである。そう すれば同じ感情を持つものを今まで物質とし

The direct appeal to Mr.Hashimoto goveror

A creater , gravity created mammal including ours as a matter. They ignored feelings and sentiments. If we don’t ignore, the system of cruel food chain isn’t created. There aren’t no body in gravity, we may not be feeled the pain. The action of sympathy with parents relationship and copulation is the things to perform the continuance as the matter. How do all kinds of living things on the ground repeat the running in spite of increasing or decreasing?

This mechanism breaks “kills” one , supplement “eat” broken “killed” one and hold “alive”. Often consumed “killed” things grow “bear” from two to five individuals and leave “alive” one individual.

In here , things broken “ in our words , things hurted” are absorbed “eaten” and become nothing. The part expressed with adjectives “sad, hard, pain, bitter and lonely” is only the operation of hart that is a little derived the things inputted from the creater. From this, there is a composition controlled from the gravity and mass.

Even the felling like delicate don’t stick the territory of the gravity domination. But we are imposed the mission as human beings in delegate the mammal. We must realize the pains of other animals having the same feelings and plan the preserving not to invade the enviroment that each can live a peaceful life.

We are inputted like watching another as the matter. We must rebound them with mind. I say again, we must set the action cultivating spirits to the education. We are on the three dimensions and have thought how we live there given the knowledge from the two dimensions ‘ paper medium ! We were made by the substance, then we chase only the substance. So, the development of the spirit doesn’t proceed.

The object of learning isn’t two dimensions or three dimensions. Living things must have textbook of living things. Watching human beings with showing human beings is mistake. If we are human beings, we become a body lying at roadside and say to baby lying at roadside and say to oneself what kinds of human beings to pick up.

Another, we become animals and watch the human beings with the eye. Then we know well that we had watched the thing that have same feelings as the substance.



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なぜ 弾力性のある四脚ではなく蹄(ひづめ)で棒脚なのか。背中に飛び乗られ首や脊髄(せきずい)を噛み抉(えぐ)られ易いようになっているのは、なぜか。全身 に柔らかい弾力性を持たされていないのは、なぜ?肉食獣に襲われた時、群れを成しているのに集団で一斉に反撃しないのは、なぜ?


因数を調整するためか?天災がなければ因数が増えすぎるから?人間は知恵があり、欲がからむと、どんなことでもどこまでも追求するのに、ここに 述べている内容などは、なぜ少しも追求しないのか。幼児性が抜けた途端に、思春期や青春と呼ばれるものが何故ある?真理を追求し真理を超える考えをさせな いで、他に目を向けさせるため?あるいは、種を存続させる為?


争いに関心を持たされているのは、なぜ?オリンピックでは全ての種目が重力に挑戦する競技である。そうして重力に挑戦しながら身体は鍛えるの に、重力の求心性に挑戦して精神を闘わせないのは、なぜ?(ここで言う精神は忍耐力のことではない)。この様に、三原則から与えられた「動作と心」以外は 気が付かなくなっている。人間や動物がお互いに共有する「あらゆる心の痛み」は、同じなのに他の「心の痛み」を感じ取れる能力を持たされていない。だか ら、せめて持たされた「お粗末な心」を派生させ開発させ、限りなく良心を磨き上げなければならない。


Direct to Mr. Hashimoto governor

 Watching to turn a little, there is a lot of questions in this world. For example, when a great herbivore is attacked by predatory animals, why doesn’t he bite again? Why does he only fight with born and leg, and run away with no biting?Why doesn’t he have sharp nail and tusk?

Why does he have hoof and stick leg without elastic four legs?  Why does he have hoof and stick leg without elastic four legs? Why easily is he jumped on his back and easily bited the neck and spinal cord?  Why doesn’t he have soft elasticity on the whole boy? Why doesn’t he fighting back with together in spite of making group when he is attacked by beast of prey?

Why is he humped the each weakness that he is always killed by another? If herbivores don’t have weakness, food chain isn’t established. They should create the perfect natural providence. Why were they created that animals die by the drought and the flood? They ought to be no death.

Is it to adjust the factor? Is it because that factors increase too much if there isn’t disaster? Human beings have wisdom and they search endless when desive involve. Then why don’t hey search any these stated contents?

Why are adolescence and youth existed after leaving infant? Is it to search the truth, no thinking exseed the truth and to see another? Or is it to continue the blood?

Why do they have sex again in spite of hard birth? Why is the interest of sex superior than hard birth? Why are human beings made to kill other human beings suddenly? Why don’t they sad of other’s death in spite that they sad to their own children and parent’s death?

Why do they have interest of struggle? About the Olympic, all events are games to challenge the gravity. As challenging to the gravity, body is trained. Why aren’t spirits fighted with challenging to the centripetalism of gravity? (This spirit isn’t patient power.) In this way, we don’t notice except “movement and mind” given from the three principles. “All pains of mind” shared by human beings and animals each other is the same, but they don’t have the ability that can read other “pains of mind” So we must derive and develop the “ poor mind” , then polish the conscience unlimitedly.

And to weave the education, they are mission, duty and the reason of exists that all human beings must accomplish.


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地球上にいる全ての生物の代表として、親として、向き合う相手を的確にし照準を絞り、立場を理解し、必ず終焉(しゅうえん)が来るその日まで、 全ての生物と共存共生を、果たさなければならない。人間が、向き合う相手は、全てを創造した重力である。その方向に向かないようにインプットされている が、間違いなく地球上の私達は、重力の三原則から応用されて創られた。全て唯物の世界で、お粗末な「心と呼ばれる」精神作用しか持たされていない。そう深 く理解し、体得して感じとらなければない。

この部分が「人間の存在理由であり、重力の功罪」である。「唯物では完璧であるが、真の唯心では悪魔である」「他の肉体を食って、自己の肉体を 持続させる」「他を究極な不幸にして、自己の幸福に変える」「他を悲劇のどん底に陥れ、自己の歓喜に変える」というような間違ったことが今も世界中の至る 所で発生し、日々尽きることなく無数に繰り返されている。なんとも悲しい現状である。

Direct to Mr.Hashimoto governer

 Human beings don’t do with accuracy to competitor. Then education is in the condition floating on the space. In spite of existing innumerable strange facts, they don’t watch them and take up them as subjects. These are education and history till now.

A warbler whistle “ ho-hokekyo” to the partner when other warbler invade to his territory. He drives off the invaded whistle with attacking. But when other kind birds excepting natural enemies invade, they don’t whistle and drive.

Not all the wild living things, when we observe well the dogs and cats, they are same. They are same kind living things that we take up as objects and react sensitively. This is because that they are input to adjust the numbers of same kinds.

Human beings are completely same. When human beings are completely same. When human beings invade from foreign countries, they were fighting. They don’t care very much when other living things are on the around. They are looking at only human beings in human beings. Their object is only awaking human beings like how to dominate.

Even we study learning that human beings made, we don’t slough from zone of other living things. In the condition input as instruct, they leave themselves. We human beings are leading to today with mistaking competitor of tacing each other.

As the delegate of all living thing on the earth, parents must do with accuracy the competitor in face each other, narrow the sight, understand the position and carry out the coexistence with all living things. The competitor of human beings in face each other is the gravity that we created, everything. They are input not to turn on the direction, we on the earth were surely made with applying from the three principle of gravity. All is the materialistic world and we have only spiritual operation “ called mind” poorly. We must understand deeply, master and reading.

This part is “ the reason of existence the human beings, and the merits and demerits of gravity” “the materialism is perfect but the true spiritualism is devil” “ eating other body and lasting self body” “do other with unhappiness and change self body to happiness” “plunging other to the abyss of tragedy and chaging to the joy of self.” Those mistaking things are now occured in all over the world, repeated innumerably every day. They are the sad present that you never know.

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このシリーズで述べていることは、思考だけでは捉え難い。会得と体得が必要であり、その上、感じとる慣れも必要とする。例えば、教師は最初に眼の前 にいる子どもたちを我が子と同じだと感じとる修行と訓練を積み重ね、その結果を出さなければならない。かつ、心構えとして次のことを念頭に置くことがス タートとなる。


やがて、本人が驚くほど自分自身の変化を実感することができる。どんな微小な現象をも見逃さず、小さなことは巨大なことにつながると気づいてい く。そして、まだまだ人間の精神は未発達で動物や原始人と大差がなく、こん棒を振り回す腕力の時代が、核兵器に代わったに過ぎず争いが絶えない、と理解す る。

更に、どのように人間が動物と大差がないか具体的に把握する。例えば、数匹のライオンの家族がシマウマを倒し、競い合ってのどを鳴らしながらお いしそうにその肉をむさぼり食う時に「このシマウマに親や兄弟、あるいは子どもがいたのではないか、死にたくなかっただろう、恐ろしかっただろう、悲し かっただろう、激痛に耐えられなかったろうに」などと想いを巡らせてはいない。

これと同じく、人間の家族がスキヤキを大声ではしゃぎながら食べている光景は、全く同じであって動物の域から出ていない。動物の域から出ていな いということは、ただ生きているだけに過ぎず人間たる価値がない。シマウマの悲痛感を感じとり、ここに精神をもって境界線を設け、空白になっている心を培 い埋める作業=「他の心の痛みを感じとる能力」が教育の目標となる。

言い換えれば、自分や自分の子どもがシマウマと同じ立場になれば、悲痛感や恐怖感が変わらないと共有することにある。また、それが人間の存在理 由でもある。世界のひとりひとり、個々の中に、この心が息吹きさえすれば、今、全世界に発生している諸問題のほとんどが解決することは必至。でなければ人 間も含め地上の生物が絶滅するだろう

Direct to Mr.Hashimoto Governer

Contents I said in this series are not only thinking. We need comprehensions and experiences and more practice be able to read. For example, teachers must heap training and drill that of first  children in front of them are same as their ownchildren and take out the results. More, as the preparation, it is the start that they keep the next thing in mind.

That is to say, “how to live with only breathing.” “ how to live with only living.” “how to live valuably.” “what is the human beings completed spirits?” With considering these theme, we will start to think without cease and study naturally.

Soon we will be able to realize our own change surprisingly. We won’t miss any minute phenomenon and notice that a little thing connect to a big thing. Besides we understand that spirits of human beings are still difference underloped, have no big difference with animals and primitive people, muscle age shaking club changed to nuclear weapon and not ceasing fights.

Moreover, I will grasp concreately3 that human beings have no big difference with animals. For example, some families of lions knock down zebras and eat hungrily the meats with competing and blowing throat.

Then we must not think “Didn’t this zebra have parents, brothers or children? Didn’t he want to die? Was he horrible or sad? Didn’t he stand the pang?”

Like this, the sight that human families eating Sukiyaki with romping loudly is completely same and don’t go out from the area of animals. That is, they are only living and don’t have value as human beings. It is the goal of education that reading the sorrow of zebra, establishing the boundary line with spirits here and cultivating then bridging the unwritten mind equal “ability of feeling the pain of others mind”.

In other words, when self and own children become the same position with zebra, we will share that sorrow and fear won’t change. And it is the reason of existing human beings. If even this mind breath in each members on the earth, most bloblems occurring in all over the world will always solve. If not so, living things including human beings on the ground will die out.

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